How Many Watts Does a Miter Saw Use?

When you use a miter saw, you get the best possible result in the shortest time possible. How do machines do what they do? We can just say that with the help of electricity, despite the technical issues. Another question comes up: how many watts does a miter saw use? The answer is the focus of our article.

This article has everything you need to know about the issue. The least amount of electricity is used by a miter saw. You will find out about a lot of other cool things about a miter saw. Let’s get started on writing.

 How Many Watts Does a Miter Saw Use?

Most of the time, watts or wattage is the most common and straightforward way to measure. A typical miter saw needs 2,400 watts of power to start working. The starting watts is the amount. And for the saw to work after that, it needs 1,200 watts. This is called the running watts this time.

But sometimes the amount depends on how big the miter saw is. If the size is small, less electricity will be used to run it. So, if the miter saw is less than 7 inches in diameter, it will only need 800-900 watts. The size of the miter saw makes the need even greater.

There is something else to think about. There are different ways that Miter Saws are made by different companies. So, the need for electricity changes with it. For example, some companies’ 7-inch miter saws need at least 1700 watts of power. Now you get it, right?

Wattage Requirement to Run a 12-inch Saw:

We’ve already talked about how many watts a 7-inch miter saw needs. But what about the 12-inch miter saw? For electricity to work, you will need more power. 1800 watts of power are needed to run this miter saw.

What size generator is needed to run a miter saw?

If the power goes out while you are using the miter saw, you will be in trouble. So, the safest thing to do is to have a generator with a lot of power. 

A 5000-watt generator will be just right for running a powerful miter saw. If you buy this generator, you can run the miter saw and other electronic devices like a fan, TV, and others. Isn’t it wonderful?

How the Power of the Miter Saw is Measured?

We should know how powerful and efficient an electric power tool is before we use it. Power is measured in watts (W), and efficiency is the amount of power that is put to good use.

When we think about electric power, its voltage and current can be used to figure out how many watts it has. like below.

  • Power = Voltage x Current
  • If your miter saw is 120V and 10 amps, it will use 1200 watts of electricity.
  • Imagine if you had a 36V battery with 5 Amh of current. It will use 180 watts of electricity.
  • Power = 36V * 5 Amh = 180W

Power from the saw can be turned into noise, heat, sparks, friction, and many other things when you use the miter. Because of power waste, we can’t use all of the power stored in the battery. Most of the power can be wasted, and only a small amount can be used to do something useful. This is called how well the tool works.

How to Use Miter Saw in an Efficient Way?

How to Use Miter Saw in an Efficient Way

When we use a miter saw, we need to know how to make the most of its power. Noise, friction, sparks, and the movement of the motor can all waste it. To use a miter saw well, we have to pay attention to the saw blade, the piece we’re cutting, and the motor. So let’s look at how these things affect how well the miter saw works.

Types of Miter Saw:

Based on how they work, miter saws can be divided into 5 main types. Normal miter saws can only cut and lower the head of the saw. But there are more advanced miter saws, like the ones that slide. So let’s look at how sliding miter saws change how well the saws work.

Saw Blade:

The saw blade is what cuts the workpiece. The most common sizes for saw blades are 10 inches and 12 inches. The number of teeth changes based on how big the saw blade is. Usually, there are more saw blades in the larger diameters and fewer saw blades in the smaller diameters. A 10-inch saw blade has 24–60 teeth, and a 12-inch saw blade has 32–80 teeth.

We can make cross-cuts, rip-cuts, bevel-cuts, and miter-cuts with the miter saw. During the cutting process, we have to pay attention to how fast the chips fall off. When the number of teeth on the blade is low, it can remove more chips. This is great for making rip cuts.

When crosscutting, it’s best to use a saw with a lot of teeth. Because the strength is greater across the grain than along the grain. So to cut, it needs more power. Because of this, fine crosscuts require saw blades with more teeth. When you use this, you can make good use of your saw blade.

When using a regular miter saw, the cutting head has to be lowered. The saw blade starts to cut a long path all of a sudden. Because there are so many teeth, it can take more power to move. 

But a sliding miter saw has a blade that can push and pull the saw head. On the short-cutting path, the saw will have less teeth. Because of this, it can cut the path quickly and with great efficiency. So it knows how to use a miter saw well.


The wood can be put into two main groups. They are hardwood and softwood. Hardwood will need more power to cut than softwood, which will need less power.


Electricity is used to power the motor. The performance of a miter saw would go down when some mechanical and electrical tasks waste electricity. Most miter saws have one of two kinds of motors. 

They are brushed and not brushed. Because of the brushes and friction inside, brushed miter saws use a lot of power. But brushless motors actually use less power than brushed ones. So, if you want to save power, you should use a miter saw without brushes.

Which Inverters Can You Use for a Miter Saw?

The news is good. You can save your miter saw from a sudden drop in voltage by using an inverter. There are a lot of shy people who are looking for a miter saw. You can choose from the options below.

  1. Xantrex XPower 3000
  2. KISAE MW1215
  3. Xantrex XPower 1500
  4. Samlex SAM-1500-12
  5. Power Bright 1500
  6. Krieger KR2000
  7. Wagan ProLine 5000

Bottom Line:

A miter saw is the best thing that modern science has come up with. Since it’s electronic, it needs at least a little bit of electricity to work. So, if you use a miter saw, you should know how much electricity it needs. 

If there is more electricity than the machine needs, it won’t work right and could cause a dangerous accident. So, the owner needs to be very careful.

We hope the article gave you everything you needed to know. If you need anything else about the issue, you can always get in touch with us. You know how to use the miter saw just fine on your own. Best wishes!


Can I Use a Power Generator to Run the Miter Saw?

You can use a generator to power the miter saw. If the generator can make more power than the miter saw needs, that’s the only requirement. If you have 120V and 10 amps, your miter saw will need 1200W. You can easily use the miter saw if you have a 4000W-5000W power generator.

How Many Volts are Used by a Miter Saw?

Most miter saws for home use need 120 V of power, while high-performance ones need 220 V. Miter saws that don’t have a cord can work with DC voltages of 24V, 36V, and 56V.

How Many Amps are Used by a Miter Saw?

Most of the time, the number of Amps a miter saw needs depends on the type of saw. A corded 10-inch miter saw needs 10 Amps, and a 12-inch miter saw needs 15 Amps, according to that. For power, the cordless miter saw will need a 3 to 5 Amh battery.

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