Best Table Saw For Small Shop: Top 10 Picks in 2024

So, you’ve decided to add a table saw to your small shop. But which table saw should you buy? Depending on how big your workshop is, you probably want something that won’t take up too much room.

Also, given how hard things have been this year, you probably don’t want to spend a lot of money on a table saw. Having said that, it may seem like you don’t have many choices. But there are still a lot of table saws that fit this requirement.

We wanted to find the best table saw for small shop, so we looked through the market and came up with a list of four. We have written reviews of each one below, along with a buying guide to help you choose.

Our Recommendations Best Table Saw For Small Shop

Image Product Details   Price
DEWALT DWE7485Compact Jobsite Table Saw DEWALT (DWE7485) Table Saw – Best Overall The table saw is small and easy to move.

It has a decent ability to rip.

It’s strong and makes stuff easy to deal with.
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DEWALT DWE7491RS  Jobsite Table Saw DEWALT  (DWE7491RS) Table Saw – Best Quality It doesn’t take long to set up this table saw.

The fence that can be moved is great. It cuts through wood quickly.

The ability to rip is more than enough
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SKIL SPT99T-01 SKIL SPT99T-01 8-1/4 Inch Portable Worm Drive Table Saw – Best Budget It’s small, strong, and easy to carry.

It can be trusted

It makes a huge amount of power, which makes it great for ripping.
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Top 10 Best Table Saw For Small Shop

1)DEWALT (DWE7485) Table Saw-Best Overall:

DEWALT DWE7485Compact Jobsite Table Saw

The DEWALT DWE7485 table saw is easy to move around because it only weighs 46 pounds and has dimensions of 26.65 x 14.08 x 27.15 inches.

 This makes it great for people who make things at home. Its 8.25-inch-wide blade helps reduce kickback because it doesn’t take as much energy to spin as larger blades.

This table saw can cut to a depth of 2 9/16 inches at a 90-degree angle and 1 3/4 inches at a 45-degree angle. The DEWALT DWE7485 table saw has a blade that can be tilted from 90 degrees from top and bottom up to 45 degrees.

 It has easy-to-use blade settings that let you make small changes to the height of the blade without having to work too hard.The DEWALT DWE7485 Compact Jobsite Table Saw is the best for cutting straight.

As a small table saw for a job site, We found this to be very easy to use. Its features made it easy and simple to work with wood, which is nothing short of a miracle. If you’re looking for something similar, this is probably a good one to try.

This table saw has a dust port that is 2.5 inches wide and a second dust port that is also 2.5 inches wide. These ports let you connect dust extraction hoses. This table saw is also made with a blade break feature that turns it off if the power goes out and keeps it from working again when the power comes back on.

When you buy a DEWALT DWE7485 table saw, you also get, among other things, an anti-kickback pawl, a push stick, a miter gauge, and a 24T 8.25-inch blade modular guard system. This is the best portable table saw for the money.

The company offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, free service for one year, and limited service support for three more years. The DEWALT DWE7485 has a big flaw in that it doesn’t work with Dado blades.

This table saw has a lot of features for a low price. It is good for people who want a table saw that can be made bigger or smaller depending on the project.


  • The table saw is small and easy to move.
  • It has a decent ability to rip.
  • It’s strong and makes stuff easy to deal with.
  • Adjusting is easy to do and gives you the highest level of accuracy.
  • It has a good method for collecting dust.


  • There are tables on the market that can hold more rips.

2)DEWALT  (DWE7491RS) Table Saw-Best Quality:

DEWALT DWE7491RS  Jobsite Table Saw

DeWALT is a brand name that has been around for almost a century and is one of the first that comes to mind when talking about companies that make power tools and hand tools for both hobbyists and big companies.

With the DEWALT DWE7491RS Jobsite Table Saw, DeWALT continues to meet and exceed high functional standards for the best portable table saw for fine woodworking.

Fine woodworking is what we mean because the table saw made it easy for me to work on the details. We didn’t have to make any changes to the way the cuts turned out. The whole thing went smoothly, evenly, and steadily.

The DEWALT DWE7491RS is a 10-inch Jobsite Table Saw with a 24-tooth carbide blade that is made by DeWALT to handle bigger jobs. It can cut up to 32.5 inches wide and has a rolling stone stand that makes a rack-and-pinion fence mechanism possible. This makes adjusting the fence faster, smoother, and more accurate.

Its 32.5-inch rip capacity and 15-amp engine make it perfect for trimming and slicing large shelves quickly. Its strong engine is also perfect for cutting hardwoods apart. It has a 4800 RPM blade, which makes it the best tool for cutting rigid hardwood.

At 90 degrees, the depth of cut is 3.125 inches, and at 45 degrees, it is 2.25 inches. Its 2-inch port for collecting dust connects nicely to a vacuum, making it easy to get rid of dust without having to clean up a lot after work.

Its moveable platform is easy to put together and take apart, and its large, heavy-duty rollers make it easy to roll over stairs and other obstacles. The DEWALT DWE7491RS comes with, among other things, a table saw, a carbide blade with 24 teeth, a push stick, and a rip fence.

The DEWALT DWE7491RS Jobsite Table Saw has a larger ripping capacity than almost any other table saw is easy to move and doesn’t cost a lot. The DeWalt DWE7491RS Jobsite Table Saw is the best portable saw for 2023 and best table saw set up for a small shop if you are looking for a small table saw that you can trust to work well and accurately.


  • It doesn’t take long to set up this table saw.
  • The fence that can be moved is great. It cuts through wood quickly.
  • The ability to rip is more than enough
  • It’s amazing that it only weighs 48 pounds.


  • It can be a bit loud at times.

3)SKIL SPT99T-01 8-1/4 Inch Portable Worm Drive Table Saw-Best Budget:


If you’ve never used a table saw before, this Skilsaw type might be just what you need. It has an 8 14″ blade, which is a little smaller than most, but that’s not why we gave it to you.

For me, what makes this stand out is how the table saw is set up. As a beginner, all you need are the basics, and this type gives you everything you need.

It can cut things up to 25 inches wide, which is enough, and it can also curve at 45 degrees. The rack and pinion system makes it easy to adjust the fence, and I’m surprised by how smooth the cuts are on the model.

It also has both a battery and a cord, so you can take it anywhere. The fact that this model is so light only adds to its flexibility. The base is small and strong, and the saw works very well.

But the level of cutting is not as deep as you will see elsewhere. At 45 degrees, it goes from a maximum of 2 5/8″ to a minimum of 1 7/8″. But even though it limits choices a little bit, it’s not a big deal.

Overall, this model does a great job of making things simple and easy to use and set up.


  • It’s small, strong, and easy to carry.
  • This table saw is easy to set up. It has a Dual Field motor that stays cooler for longer and makes it easy to do.
  • It can be trusted
  • It makes a huge amount of power, which makes it great for ripping.


  • The cutting depth is smaller than other models.

4)BOSCH 4100XC-10 10 In. Worksite Table Saw:

Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Tablesaw

Check out the Bosch 4100XC-10 if you have a small shop. This has a big 4 HP motor and can cut up to 30″ wide. It also has a speed of 3,650 RPM, which means it can cut smoothly and quickly through stock without showing any signs of suffering.

We also like that it has something called “Constant Response circuitry,” which keeps an eye on how hard the motor is working to make sure nothing goes wrong. It also tries to keep the best speed under load, which helps it make cuts that are more accurate and smooth.

This model comes with a SquareLock rip fence, which is easy to set up and change, so you can make precise cuts. It also has pawls that stop the material from firing back at you if things get stuck.

The saw seems reliable and strong enough to handle a lot of use. It was made with heavy-duty jobs in mind. It also has restart safety so that a power surge won’t cause you to blow the engine. Overall, this is best table saw for a small shop that can be moved quickly and set up to cut through 4-foot boards.


  • It possesses a great deal of force.
  • It is portable due to the stand.
  • It exerts great effort to prevent motor failure.
  • It is equipped with anti-kickback pawls for your safety.
  • It provides exact cutting


  • While it can be folded for stowage, it can be a bit difficult.

5) SawStop 10-Inch Professional Cabinet Saw:

SAWSTOP 10-Inch Contractor Saw

If you need a cabinet saw, you can choose from a number of different ones. But we chose this SawStop type because we think it is the most reliable and has proven to be very strong even after a lot of use.

It has a 3 HP motor, which is less than some, but its 10″ blade and 52″ ripping capacity are amazing. But that’s not what makes me most impressed by this model.

Instead, it’s about how safe it is. When it feels like it has touched skin, this model will stop working in 0.5 milliseconds. That’s great, and it might be the fastest response time on the market. But we hope you’ll never have to deal with it.

This model has a speed of 4,000 RPM, which means it will take a while to cut through lumber. But it works so well that we think it’s worth the time.

Overall, we love how long-lasting this model is and how safe it is. As far as cabinet saws go, it’s a very good one.


  • The sensors are remarkable.
  • The tear capacity is enormous.
  • The machine is extremely rugged and sturdy.
  • It produces clean cuts, despite being a touch slow.
  • Setting up everything is effortless.


  • Clearly not portable and extremely weighty.

6)Worx WX572L 5.5 Amp BladeRunner Portable Electric Table Top Saw:

Worx WX572L 5.5 Amp BladeRunner Portable Electric Table Top Saw

Even though this saw doesn’t have a circle blade but rather a jigsaw blade, it can still cut the same way. If you need to make rip or cross-cuts, it’s a cheap choice. 

It can even cut angles from 0 to 60 degrees. The two mounting holes, one on each side, are our favourite part. They let you bolt the saw to your desk. If you decide to keep it mobile, the flexible feet that don’t slip should give you a nice, stable place to cut.It is the best cabinet table saw for small shop.

The jigsaw blade can be used for jobs like making detailed cuts in wood or scroll sawing. It comes with five different saw blades that can be changed without a tool. This is different from circular saw blades, which usually need a wrench to take off or put on. Aside from wood, the saw can also be used on aluminium, brick, and steel.

This saw probably won’t work quickly or well enough to rip long boards because it has a small blade and a small work area. However, it should be fine for smaller jobs.

 The Worx is also small and light because of the blade, which is great if you have trouble using bigger tools. Plus, even though this saw is cheap, it still has a 1.25-inch dust port. You can connect a shop vac tube directly to the saw to reduce the amount of sawdust you have to clean up afterward. Less dust makes it easier to see, which should make it easier to make precise cuts.


  • Circular saw blades are much cheaper to repair than circular saws.


  • The blade isn’t great for harder boards because it’s not very long. 
  • Not strong enough to use every day

7)Bosch  GTS1031 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw:

Bosch 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw GTS1031 with One-Handed Carry Handle

When it comes to tools, we love a good deal, but only if it doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. That’s why we went with the Bosch GTS1031. This type is one of our favourites for a number of reasons, including the fact that it has a 15 Amp motor with 4 HP and speeds of up to 5,000 RPM.

It comes with a standard 10-inch blade, and even though its 18-inch rip capacity is smaller than most, we think it strikes a good mix between portability and room for big projects.

We also love that it comes with their Smart Guard System, which keeps you safe and stops kickbacks. Just knowing that the table saw can stop a lot of bad things from happening makes you feel better about using it.

We like how easy it is to change the SquareLock fence and how quickly this table saw can be set up to make perfect cuts. Overall, this model gives you a lot for not a lot of money, and you can even take it with one hand if you want to.


  • It has a system called Smart Guard.
  • It’s easy to change. It’s stronger than you might think.
  • It does keep you from getting bribes.
  • Setting the table up takes just minutes


  • The rip capacity is relatively low.

8) Goplus Table Saw:

Goplus Table Saw

We recommend the GoPlus 10″ Portable table saw if you want to buy a table saw for less than $300. Even though it costs less than $300, it has a 15 Amp motor and a lot of other features.

This type has a speed of 5,000 RPM, which is strong enough to cut through even hardwood without much trouble. It does have a 26″ rip capacity, which may seem shorter than what other choices offer.

It lets you choose a bevel cut angle between 0 and 45 degrees, and it’s easy to set up so you can get perfect cuts. A self-aligning rip fence and a parallel guide make sure that everything is lined up just the way you want it to be.

All of this is built on a strong aluminium top, and even though this model is cheap, it looks like a heavy-duty one. It’s also easy to use and has safety against overload.

Overall, this cheap table saw has a lot to offer and does its job very well. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, this is the best table saw for small hobby shop.


  • It features a 15 Amp motor.
  • It generates an astounding 5,000 RPM.
  • Changing the bevel inclination is straightforward
  • This is a durable model.
  • Easy alignment of the tear fence and guides


  • The tear capacity is less than competing options.

9) Shop Fox W1837 10″ 2 hp Hybrid Table Saw:

Shop Fox W1837 10" 2 hp Open-Stand Hybrid Table Saw

This Shop Fox combination table saw is a great example of a saw with features of both a contractor saw and a cabinet saw. We find that it has enough power at 2 HP, but the top speed of 3,450 RPM is a little lower than what you can find elsewhere.

But don’t let these two things stop you from thinking about this table saw. The motor is an induction motor that makes more power than you might think. Even though the wood is pretty hard, we’ve found that it’s more than capable of making clean cuts.

Changing the blades is easy, and the model has anti-kickback pawls so you don’t have to worry if things get stuck. For exact cuts, the precision fence is easy to use and locks into place easily at both the front and back.

This model’s cutting depth is also good, coming in at 3 14″ at 90 degrees and dropping to a good 2 14″ at 45 degrees.

Overall, this model has a strong cabinet and base that can absorb a lot of those shocks. It also has a big 4″ dust chute. When you add the extra dado inserts to a table saw, you have a saw that can do everything.


  • It does a great job of keeping too many shocks from happening.
  • The dust spout is huge.
  • Putting up the fence is very easy.
  • Bevel cuts are precise
  • The bottom is strong and stable.


  • Most people neglect hybrid saws and are unaware of their existence.

10) Metabo HPT Table Saw:

Metabo HPT Jobsite Table Saw

The Metabo HPT Jobsite table saw is one of the best hybrid table saw for small shop you can buy. There are a lot of great and useful things about this table saw. We wanted to see how well this compact table saw worked, so we put it to the test.

At first view, it looks like a regular table saw with a cord and an AC adapter. But when you look more closely, you’ll see what makes it so special. A 36-volt battery can also be used to power the table saw.

The motor is a normal 15-amp motor that turns at 4500 RPM when not under load. When the blade is too heavy, it will stop right away to protect itself from damage.

As with most compact table saws, this one has an aluminium table. But compared to other saws of the same kind, it is quite big. It’s width is 28 34 inches and depth is 22 inches.

This combination table saw costs less than $1,000 and can be used in a small shop or on a job site. It’s the best because it can be used in so many ways. But the best part is that it can be used for many different things without sacrificing speed or power.


  • Uses 36-volt batteries and AC adapters.
  • Few cordless table saws have a 10-inch blade.
  • Rips 35 inches.
  • Adjusting the rack-and-pinion fence is simple.
  • Safety elements include overload protection.


  • It is bulkier than other cordless table saws, but it works.
  • No stand or onboard storage.

Buying Guide, What to Consider When Buying the Best Table Saws for small shop?

The Rip Capacity:

On the list of features for all table saws, RIP ability is one of the most important things to look for. What is it and why does it matter? Well, “rip capacity” is the space between the table saw’s fence and its blade.

This space affects how big of a board you can cut on your table saw without getting in the way. If you are a skilled builder, you should have a rip capacity of 24 inches or more. This will make it easy for you to cut big pieces of MDF.

A rip capacity of 20 inches will be enough for simple DIY projects. So, the rip ability will depend on what you want to use your table saw for.

Size and Weight:

If you have a small shop or work on job sites, the size and weight of a table saw are very important. If you don’t have much room in your shop, you don’t want a big table saw that will take up a lot of room.

Your small shop will be much better with a small table saw. And if you work at a job site where you have to move the table around a lot, weight is important. In general, a Jobsite table saw weighs between 45 and 52 pounds.

If it weighs more than 52 pounds, it will be hard to move.

Features for Safety:

Most table saws have different safety measures. But they are important, especially for people who are just starting out. Important things to think about are safety features like an anti-kickback device.

All of the models on this list have safety features like anti-kickback palls, automatic shutoff, and defence against overload. When you use a table saw with safety features, you can feel at ease.

Blade Rotations per Minute:

How smoothly and quickly a table saw can cut depends on how fast the blade spins. So, a higher RPM is always the best choice. Smaller blades tend to have a higher RPM, which is something to keep in mind.

This is why the 8.125-inch DEWALT DWE7485 has the fastest RPM of 5800. 

Bottom Line: Best Table Saw For Small Shop

All of the table saws on our list are great and should do a good job for you. But we think the Dewalt dwe7485 is the best of all of them. It can rip better than its cousin and can be used in more situations.

On the list, it is the only hybrid table saw. Even though some models, like the SKIL SPT99T-01, have a much faster RPM, it has a lot of useful features and isn’t too big.

One of the most important safety features of this table saw is that it stops working if it gets too heavy. Overall, it does everything that its competitors do and adds some great things on top of that.

FAQs about Table Saw For Small Shop

What Works Best with a Table Saw?

The best way to use a table saw is to make long cuts along the grain of a piece of wood. This is called a “rip cut.” The big platform keeps the wood steady while you work, and the adjustable fence makes it easy to make precise cuts. They also do a great job of making crosscuts, which are cuts across the grain and are used in a wide range of woodworking and building projects. 

What is a Good Table Saw for a Beginner?

If you’ve never used a table saw before, you should probably use a contractor saw. They give you the stability you need to stay in control while you work, but they don’t take up as much room or cost as much as larger options. 

The best table saw for someone who has never used one before will also come with safety tools like push sticks. No matter which table saw you choose, it’s important to remember that they are all very dangerous tools. Instead of jumping in on your own, it’s always a good idea to talk to someone with knowledge who can show you the ropes.

How many Teeth does a Table Saw Blade Need to be Good?

Dauphinee says that the best TPI (teeth per inch) for a saw blade really relies on what it is being used for. “If you’re cutting finished sheet goods, more teeth on each blade is better. But if you’re on site and need to cut frame timber, he says, “fewer teeth are better.” Dauphinee says that if you try to rip rough wood with a blade with a high TPI, you will either stress the motor of the saw, burn the wood, or dull the blade. 

Aikins says that for a 10-inch blade, 40T or less is best for general rough cuts, 50T-60T “combination” blades are good for a wide range of cuts, and 80T or more is best for cross-cutting hardwoods and sheet goods like plywood and melamine.

How Kong Should a Blade for a Table Saw Last?

According to Aikins, the length of time a table saw blade lasts relies on how often you use it, what you use it to cut, and how well you take care of it. He says that a blade should last at least one to two years in a home garage or workshop before it needs to be sharpened or replaced.

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