Can You Cut Tile With a Table Saw

When building something, tiles are very important. Different kinds of tiles can be used for different things. Tiles are usually made of very hard materials. So you need tougher tools to work with tile. 

When we tile the floor, we have to cut the tiles to fit the shape of the ground. That’s why we can use many tools. You will have a great time using a table saw, though. Let’s learn how to cut the tiles with the table saw.

It is most likely that you will need a carbide or diamond saw blade to cut the tile with a normal table saw. You can use a wet table saw or a dry table saw with the right saw blades for better accuracy and speed. 

It will be easier to control the dust and the cuts will be more accurate if you use a table saw.

A table saw and a tile saw can both be used to cut tiles. A tile saw is very pricey and is mostly used for cutting tile, stones, and glasses. The important thing is that you can cut the tiles with a regular table saw. Now let’s look at how can you cut tile with a table saw.

Cutting Tile with a Table Saw:

You need to do this if you want to use the best table saw for the money to cut tile since that is your only choice.

  • Pick up the right blade. You will need a certain blade for your table saw to cut a ceramic tile. If you want to cut ceramic tile in a dry area, you should buy a wet or dry continuous diamond blade of the right size.
  • Set up your table saw and blade.
  • When you’re cutting, wear a respirator to keep the dust out of your eyes.
  • To cut through the tile, use your table saw as usual. Do not push the tile too hard into the blade. Let the blade’s power cut through it.
  • When you’re done, turn off the saw.

Why Use a Table Saw to Cut Tiles?

Why Use a Table Saw to Cut Tiles?

Best Choice:

This is very important. You can cut the tiles with a lot of different tools. One of them is: Why is the table saw so useful? The table saw is next to the table. That helps the tile stay level and feed to the saw blade the right way.

If you tilt the table, you can cut the tiles at right angles. You won’t get the angles right if you use the grinder, though. For cutting tiles, it’s very important to use a table saw.

Dust Removal:

Dust is another very important thing. One kind of tile is porcelain, and the other is clay. Both are squished together and burn very hot. That means those are very hard things.

There is a lot of dust when you cut the tile. And if you use any extra tool, you won’t get the dust out the right way. But the right dust collection system can be put in place forever on a table saw.

Ensuring Safety:

If safety is important, the table saw is the best way to do it. The items are held in place when we use the table saw. It won’t be safe to cut the tile with a hand tool. It can relax at any time. Be careful when you use that kind of tool.


Tile is very hard to keep clean in most cutting tools. This is very important when we work with tiles. Because those are very breakable. It could break at any time.

Because of these things, we need to cut the edges of the tiles very sharply and correctly. It’s not possible to cut at an angle with the hand grinder. If you use a table saw, you can tilt the bed of the saw to cut the tile.

Why Cutting Tile with a Table Saw Is Not a Good Idea:

Why Cutting Tile with a Table Saw Is Not a Good Idea

It is possible to cut clay tile and some types of stone with a table saw, but it is not the best way to do it, especially if you need to make more than a few cuts. Here’s why.

Your Table Saw Might get damaged by dust:

When ceramic tiles are cut in a dry place, they make a lot of dust. When you cut concrete, you make dust that is much smaller than sawdust.

The dust from ceramic tiles will get into your table saw and stick to any water it finds there. This makes something that is like paste and will clog up the workings.

Cutting tile on your table saw is not going to help it last for many years.

Dust Can be Bad for Your Health:

The dust that is made when pottery and some stone tiles are cut is also very dangerous to breathe in. It has silica dust in it, which can cause lung diseases like COPD and cancer that can’t be cured. No matter how much of it there is, you don’t want to breathe it in.

If you are cutting the tiles in a small space, this dust can be even more dangerous.

Your Tile Will Get Chips from a Table Saw:

Do not use a table saw to cut your tiles if you want the result to be as perfect as possible. You won’t get the smooth cut you want with a table saw, and you’ll waste materials and end up with a bad product.

Different kinds of Table Saws for Cutting Tiles:

Different kinds of Table Saws for Cutting Tiles

1)Wet Table Saw:

A table saw like this is often used to cut tiles. A water-flowing system keeps the blade from getting too hot and reduces the dust. More than 90% of the dust will be stopped by this. When you use this, you will need an extra stream. The tool is specially made to work with water. So there is no danger from the power.

2)Dry Table Saw:

Getting rid of the dust in this table saw with a special cleaning system. But to a certain point, it can hold the dust-removing. You can see dust getting outside when you cut the thick brick. So don’t use this type of table saw to cut marble, stones, or tiles that are very thick.

This works great for everyday tile use.

3)Regular Table Saw:

We learned that the diamond or carbide blade on our standard table saw can be used to cut tiles. Don’t put the water here, though. You can use any kind of cleaner to get rid of the dust. Normal table saws aren’t made to work in water, so this is why.

Choose the Best Tile Table Saw Blade:

When cutting tiles, it’s important to pick the right saw blade. Most of the time, we cut wood with a general saw blade. When we use a regular table saw, we shouldn’t use a normal saw blade to cut tile.

To cut the tiles, we need to find a blade that is extra hard because they are so hard. The tiles can be cut with a diamond saw blade.

It grinds with diamond or carbide saw blades (continuous rim) instead of cutting with the teeth of the saw blade. We can use two different kinds of blades. There are wet cutting blades and dry cutting blades there. Let’s examine them further in detail.

1)Table Saw Wet Cutting Blade:

It’s made for working with water, this blade. It won’t get boiling because of the water, and it won’t grow because it’s wet. The process of getting rid of dust is the best benefit.

Soluble in water can be used to get rid of dust. So we can see how much dust is on the tool.

You can get a smooth cutting area when you use a wet tile blade. Most of these blades have edges that don’t break. It will be too late to quickly cut the tile skin (surface) like other tile blades. You’ll also need water to use this kind of blade anywhere.

Pros of Wet Cutting Blades:

  • Effortless carving surface
  • Minimum generation of particles
  • Accelerated trimming method
  • Absence of scorching and expansions

Cons of Wet Cutting Blades:

  • Water is essential.
  • When water is present, surface friction is reduced.
  • Further clearance is necessary to remove moist particles.

2)Table Saw Wet Cutting Blade:

Dry blades are used without any water. The blade was made to withstand high temperatures and swelling. Most of the trouble with this cutting process comes from the dust. 

But there is a rich way to deal with dust in this process. Low-thickness tiles only make a little dust. But stones and tiles with a higher width make more dust. There will be issues when a greater amount of dust can’t be controlled.

Pros of Dry Cutting Blades:

  • Absence of fluids
  • Superior particulate control system
  • Accelerated trimming method
  • Applicable to any low-space application

Cons of Dry Cutting Blades:

  • Expect expansions due to overheating.
  • Strict transmission velocity
  • The cutting edges are not clean.

4 Better Tile Cutting Tools:

1)Wet Saw for the Table:

One of the most popular tools used to cut tile is a tabletop wet saw. In a wet setting, it cuts tiles without breaking them with a continuous diamond blade. The use of water also keeps most of the dust from flying into the air and getting into your lungs.

There are different sizes of tabletop wet saws, and you can rent them at home improvement shops for a fair price. This is the best way to cut a lot of tiles at once.

2)Portable Wet Tile Saw:

New to the world of cutting tiles are handheld tile saws. A lot of people like how portable they are, but you have to keep them hooked up to water and power while you use them.

Although you can’t rent these, many of them are pretty cheap to buy. For example, a Ryobi model at the local big box hardware shop costs about $89.99.

3)Manual Cutter for Tiles:

Tile cuts that you do by hand score the tiles and then snap them along the score. It’s simple and easy to use, and you don’t even have to plug it in. It takes longer and doesn’t cut as cleanly as the wet saw. While it might be too big for a small tile job, it might work fine for you.

When you cut tiles by hand, you can only make straight cuts. You might need to use nippers to make cuts that aren’t straight or smooth.

4)The Nippers:

For cutting ceramic tile into odd forms, like the shape you’d need around a door jam, nippers are a great tool.

Before you can use them, you need to cut a line into the tile with a pocket knife in the shape you want it to be. From the tile’s edge, you slowly cut away the part of the tile you want to get rid of. Satin paper can be used to make the cut smooth.

This can take some time, but it’s a quick and cheap way to cut tile into odd shapes.

Bottom Line: Can You Cut Tile With a Table Saw

You can cut tiles using a table saw in many ways. This applies to amateurs and professionals. If you follow the steps, understand the benefits, and choose the proper blades and table saw, you can finish this job quickly and well.

Remember that cutting tiles with a table saw may not be ideal for everyone. This method must be carefully considered due to safety concerns, the requirement for special tools, and the risk of damaging or chipping tiles.

Table saws are fast and accurate, while tile cutters, wet saws, angle grinders, and tile nippers are more versatile and used for certain applications. Which tool to use depends on the tile and job.

Consider convenience, safety, and your goals while using a table saw to cut tiles. People can make tile-cutting decisions that are safe for them, their skill level, and the project by assessing the benefits and drawbacks, looking at the tools, and learning the job details.

FAQs about Can You Cut Tile With a Table Saw

How Can I Cut Tile Without a Tile Saw the Best?

You can use a steel-tipped pencil or a glass cutter to cut the glass. If you want to cut tile, you should first measure the glossy side to see where the cut needs to be made. If you want to erase the line, use a straight edge to make it.

Is a Table Saw Capable of Cutting Stone?

Straight table saws aren’t the best tool for the job, as you’ll quickly learn. Stone is harder than porcelain or pottery, so you’ll need the right tool to put the right amount of pressure on it without breaking or cracking it.

Why Do Tile Saws Need Water?

One good thing about cutting tiles with a wet saw is that the water cuts down on the dust that gets into the air, which lowers the risk of lung and health problems. The water also helps the machine and the tile stay cool.

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