Harvey Table Saw vs Laguna: A Comprehensive Comparison

There’s no doubt that table saws are useful tools for woodworkers. Table saws come from a lot of different names, which is good. But not all of them are thought to be the best. But Harvey and Laguna are always getting attention, and woodworkers often get the Harvey table saw vs Laguna mix-up.

That’s why these two table saw brands have become so famous over the years. People now know them both, and in terms of business competition, they are kind of rivals.

Because of this, their traits and functions are different. Still, both brands have been able to make better versions of their tools that have more unique features, such as motors, gauges, efficiency, and so on.

Certainly, knowing this little bit will not be of assistance to you. Therefore, let us commence an in-depth analysis and comparison of the table saws manufactured by both brands.

Harvey vs Laguna Table Saw – Table Comparision:

FeaturesHarvey Table SawLaguna Table Saw
Best CollectionsHarvey Ambassador and Alpha modelsLaguna Fusion F1, F2, F3 models
BladeThin kerfCarbide-tipped
Motor2.2 and 2.5 HP1.75 and 3 HP
TrunnionCast ironAluminum
Rip Capacity30”36”
FenceMore featureLess feature
Tabletop800mm deep685mm deep
Dust portPresentPresent
CostMore expensiveA bit less expensive

Harvey vs Laguna Table Saw – Details Comparision:

Harvey Table Saw vs Laguna
Harvey Table Saw vs Laguna

Superior Collections:

As was previously stated, Harvey is presented with a variety of alternatives when selling a table saw. Nevertheless, the Harvey Alpha HW110LC-36 and Harvey Ambassador C200-30 comprise their finest collection. The Harvey Alpha provides the same benefits as the Ambassador. Nevertheless, it is equipped with a more sizable motor to enhance efficiency.

Conversely, Laguna is obligated to present its finest collections as well. It would be unjust to omit the mention of the Laguna Fusion F2 and F3. These variants are more refined and hyphenated than the Laguna F1 fusion.


All three of the Laguna Fusion F1, F2, and F3 have blades that are very similar to each other. They have a 10 x 40T blade with a carbide tip. They also have a button for pushing the blade lock that lets you change the blade quickly.

Still, Harvey models come with blades that are about 10 inches across. The A types have blades with a thin kerf. That’s how much the blade can move. The models in the Alpha line also come with a clear blade guard to make sure the best protection.

Combination of Motor and Trunnion:

The motor in a table saw needs to be the best one possible for it to work well. A strong 2.2 Horse Power motor comes with the Harvey Ambassador table saws. Also, the motor doesn’t need a lot of amps to work. Anything with a 10amp plug will work.

Once more, the motor in the Harvey Alpha table saw is a bit bigger than the one we already talked about. It has a 2.5HP motor to show that it is more advanced. 

The Harvey Alpha and Ambassador motors are also paired with a steel cabinet that is stronger gauge. We also like that they have a cast iron trunnion system.

The Laguna Fusion F2, on the other hand, has a motor that is only 1.75 HP. It has a trunnion system made of metal. The Fusion F3, on the other hand, has a powerful 3HP motor made for commercial use. 

This is a great deal. In addition, it is an AC induction motor with a fan inside. But once more, the Fusion F3 needs a 15- to 30-amp power outlet to work.

Capacity to Rip:

Without question, the best table saws are the ones that can rip the most material. On the other hand, the Harvey Ambassador C200-30 type can only rip 30 inches. It’s 36 inches on the Laguna Fusion F2 table saw, though. It can also rip as much as the Fusion F3.

In any case, the Harvey Alpha table saw can rip up to 36 inches, just like the Laguna Fusion F2 and F3. The Harvey Ambassador also has a smaller rip capacity, but it stands out because of its small size and speed.  

A Fence:

Once more, Harvey’s table saws have the best kind of fence. The T-square heavy-duty high-low fence is without a doubt the most-wanted style. This fence in the European style is made to handle all kinds of wood. 

The one-piece lock is strong and easy to get through from all three sides. The front rail is made of box-section steel, and the whole thing is made of steel.

The Laguna Fusion F2, on the other hand, is built light, so it also has a light-duty fence. It also has a two-piece metal front rail.


Harvey table saws are always built with the standard tabletop because they are meant to be heavy-duty. Harvey’s table saw has a cast-iron top that is about 800 mm deep. 

This gives the users a bigger area and more stable support while still making sure the blade is in the right place.

Also, Harvey’s Alpha models have a more complex table. It has a gorgeous TiN table that is topped with Golden Titanium Nitride. Because of its unique shape, the table can’t help with any stick transitions. The metal doesn’t rust either.

The Laguna Fusion models have it about 685 mm deep on the other side. Because of this, the woodworkers don’t get the best benefit that the Harvey table saws give them.

 The Laguna Fusion F3, on the other hand, has a very flat and precisely ground tabletop. It also looks great because the finish is a beautiful mirror.


You can tell a lot about the quality of build of both table saws by how much they weigh. Harvey is always known for making heavy-duty table saws.

There is also no difference between the Harvey Ambassador and the Harvey Alpha. The first one weighs about 175 kg and makes the machine very stable. Again, the second one weighs more because that’s what it’s supposed to do.

The Laguna Fusion table saw and its updated versions, on the other hand, are designed to be light. The Fusion F2 is very light—only 125 kg. There’s no doubt that the machine is built lighter. 

The new Laguna Fusion F3, on the other hand, is a heavy-duty one that weighs 300 pounds when it’s all put together.

Port for Dust:

Both the Harvey and Laguna table saws have places for dust to go. Under the blade, there are dust covers. Laguna’s Fusion table saws all have their special way of collecting dust. The F3 type has a dust port that is 4 inches across from the outside.

The Harvey Alpha saws, on the other hand, are more unique. They have a rigid dust extraction device that stands on its own. The better function keeps the work area clean while working with the wood pieces.


The prices of both Harvey and Laguna table saws are pretty high. However, the Harvey Ambassador costs a lot less than the Laguna Fusion F2. About $550 less is paid for it. The Harvey table saws, on the other hand, can range in price from $1850 to $3400, depending on the features they have.

It may cost anywhere from $1800 to $2600 for the Laguna Fusion F1 to F3 table saw, on the other hand.

Bottom Line: Harvey Table Saw vs Laguna

Okay, so after a thorough review, you may already know that the Harvey table saws are the best. You could also choose a Laguna table saw if you want a deal that is a bit less expensive.

The best collection from Laguna for business use, though, is the Laguna Fusion F3. The Laguna Fusion F1, on the other hand, is a great choice if you need a light-duty carpenter saw.

 However, if you’re ready to spend a little more, getting a Harvey Table saw will be the best and most stress-free choice. For business projects, you can get the Alpha models.


Where are Harvey’s Table Saws Made?

By way of Harvey Performance Company, woodworking implements such as table saws are manufactured. Harvey Tool and the Helical Solutions trademarks are both owned by this parent company.

The saws are manufactured in the American state of Wisconsin. Customers have been receiving the resources from the organization for more than half a century.

Where are Laguna Woodworking Tools Manufactured?

The inquiry has sparked several controversies. Nevertheless, research indicates that Laguna woodworking equipment is manufactured in both Europe and China. 

Once more, some research indicates that certain types of machinery might be manufactured elsewhere in the world.

Who Manufactures Laguna Tools?

Laguna Tools is a manufacturer of Laguna tools, which consists of table saws. Their woodworking apparatus is renowned for its superior quality, and they have earned a reputation for manufacturing dependable and long-lasting equipment.

Who Manufactures Harvey Table Saws?

Harvey table saws are produced by Harvey Industries. Recognized for their innovative designs and precision engineering, they specialize in woodworking machinery and offer a variety of table saw models to meet the needs of their customers.

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