How To Square 2×4 Without Table Saw

It’s annoying to work with wood that has small shapes or rough edges. To make the sides straight, most carpenters use a table saw. But if you’re not a professional, most people don’t have a table saw. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t square the wood the right way. You can choose from many other things. 

So, how to square 2×4 without table saw? 

This is what you need to square a 2×4 without a table saw: a speed square. Round saws can be used to cut the wood straight. To do that, you need a saw that is at least 5 ⅽ inches long. There’s also a miter box that has a 90o slot that you can use. Then use a hand saw to make it square. A jointer can also be used.

Don’t let yourself get too stressed out. We’ll go into great depth about each method. Read on. 

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How to Square 2×4 Without Table Saw? 3 Easy Method

How to Square 2x4 Without Table Saw

Wood for furniture has been squared by carpenters for a long time. They used to make beautiful furniture even before there were smart tools. 

This time, we have a lot of new tools. You don’t have to believe that the table saw is the only way to square something. There are a few ways to square a 2×4 that don’t involve a table saw. 

Method 1) Use a Circular Saw:

It’s easy to square a 2×4 with a circle saw. You only need a few things. These are them. 

  • A circular saw (for 24, use a 5-38-inch saw or larger) is required.
  • A speed square for precise measuring
  • A ruler or a saw horse of level 2
  • A piece of wood
  • As well as a pencil or chalk, whichever you like.

There is a warning before you start working. If you see something strange, like smoke coming from a circle saw while it’s working, you should stop using it. It might be bad. First, figure out what’s wrong.

This is it! Now is the time to begin the process of squaring.

Step 1) Preparing the Scene:

Set the scene by aligning both of your saw horses. And then set the lumber on top of them. 

Step 2) Locating Straight Edges:

Wooden pieces feature both straight and uneven edges. Identify and mark the straight edges with a pencil. 

There are times when the wood is too dark to read the pencil marks. Sticky tape or chalk will work just fine. 

Step 3) Utilizing Speed Square:

You now have straight lines. Put the speed square so that it is straight across from the straight sides. Draw a straight line to the edge of the wood as well. 

Pull the line to the end of the wood. Mark the spot with a ruler or chalk.

Step 4) Use a Circular Saw to Cut:

Start up your circle saw and line up the blade with the line you marked. Cut along the line. 

Step 5) Resolving Rough Curves:

Check the board out after the cutting is done. Also, look to see if there are any rough turns. If you come across any. Use packing tape to cover that up. And use the saw to cut those parts again.

Step 6)  Cutting Along the Width:

From the board’s end, here we go. Add a second line that is straight across. And use your circle saw to cut along the line. 

There are times when the wood is too dark to read the pencil marks. Sticky tape or chalk will work just fine. 

Pull the line to the end of the wood. Mark the spot with a ruler or chalk.

Step 7) Inspection:

Use a speed measure to check if the sides are straight. Do this again for each side of your 2×4 board. A square board will be yours.

You can run the board through a planer if you can get straight lines.It will improve the overall appearance. If you know how to use a schedule, you should do it by yourself. Or get help from someone who has done it before. 

Method 2) Use a Hand Saw and a Miter Box:

Want a cheap way to do it but don’t want to use power tools?  A hand saw is a good choice. A miter box can help you cut a piece of board that is straight. But you’ll need to work on it. It is very simple to use miter boxes. 

These are the things you’ll need for this method. 

  • You will need a 14″ miter box for a 2×4 piece of wood.
  • A cutlass

Start the process. 

Step 1) Make a Mark:

Use chalk or a pencil to mark on the board where you want to cut. 

Step 2) Positioning:

With a miter box, you can cut your wooden board at 45o and 90o angles. The 90o slot is what we need to square the 2×4. Line up the mark on the board with the 90-hole on the miter box. 

Step 3) Ensure:

Put your lumberboard in the meter box and secure it. 

Step 4) Start Cutting:

Put your hand saw carefully into the 90° slot and cut the board. 

That’s how you get a square board without the curved edges. 

But this method only works when all four edges of the board are curved. It’s better to use a circle saw if the length of the board is curved. You can also use a jointer for that. 

Method 3) Use a Jointer:

For those who don’t have a table saw, a jointer can be used instead. There are some things you should think about before you use a jointer. 

Understanding the Machine:

You need to know everything there is to know about how to use a jointer. To begin, learn how to fence the machine. Also, how to change the cut level for a 2×4 board. Know how to change the blades too. 

Limits Establishment:

It is important for safety that you set the lower limit on the jointer. There should also be a top limit. Set the cut’s depth so that you can see it moving with each pass. However, it doesn’t wear out the motor while doing that.

Hand Saw for Extreme Curves:

The jointer can only handle a certain number of curves or crooks. Draw a straight line on your board if it’s too curved. Then make rough cuts with a hand saw or band saw

Once it’s a little straight, use the jointer to square it up perfectly. 

If you use a joiner, remember these things. These are the other ways to square a 2×4 besides using a table saw. If you work with wood a lot, you might want to keep some standard tools on hand. 

 Safety Steps You Should Take When You Square:

 Safety Steps You Should Take When You Square

Working with a blade is always dangerous, whether it’s motorized or not. Before you start measuring, try to remember these things. 

  • Before you use an electric cutter, you must read the instructions.
  • No matter what kind of saw you use, make sure the blade is always sharp and not rusty. It’s safer to work with sharp tools.
  • Wear safety glasses when you’re using a saw. Do not wear clothes that are too loose. 
  • When you use a circle saw, you should always use both hands. You will be able to run the machine better. 
  • No matter what kind of saw or machine you use, you need to learn how to hold it right.
  • Always check the wires of a circle saw or jointer before you use them. 
  • Don’t use the electric saw when it’s not plugged in.
  • Never move the wooden board around. 
  • Keep the blade guard in place at all times when you use the jointer.
  • Keep a first-aid kit close by. 

These tips will help you square things up safely.

Bottom Line: How To Square 2×4 Without Table Saw

That’s all for now on how to square 2×4 without table saw. We hope we were able to explain the methods in a way that is easy for you to understand. 

There are plenty of other options available for cutting and squaring boards, aside from table saws! You simply need a bit more practice! And don’t forget to always follow the safety measures before you begin. 

Hope you have a great day and stay safe!

FAQs: about Square 2×4 Without Table Saw

Is It Possible to Use a Circular Saw as a Table Saw?

A circle saw can be used as a table saw. Even though a table saw makes it easier to cut a longer board. However, let us say you have a good circle saw and are skilled enough to use it. From there, you can also make smooth cuts with a saw. Saw horses can be used to put the board down. 

Does a Tile Saw Work the Same Way as a Table Saw?

A tile saw is not the same as a table saw. For cutting tiles, you need a wet tile saw. A table saw is used to cut wood. It’s now suggested that you use a dry tile saw to cut wood instead of a wet one. A table saw can’t cut tiles, though. Table saw blades aren’t as sharp as tile saw blades. 

What Are the Drawbacks of Using a Circular Saw?

The circle saw’s biggest flaw is that it’s very dangerous to use. There is a greater chance of kickback. If something gets on the blade while it’s being used, the saw will kick back toward the person using it. Also, you can only cut in one way with a circular saw. And the blade is easy to dull. 

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